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SoCozy Kids Hair Products

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1-844-4SOCOZY (1-844-476-2699)

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• SoCozy products contain no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic color, propylene glycol, formaldehyde, gluten, wheat, or nuts.

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• Safe
• Effective
• Non-toxic
• High-quality ingredients
• Available in store or online

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These products are made with quality and integrity in mind. I would recommend this brand to anyone looking for high standard hair products for their kids!

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Bath time at our house just got a whole lot sweeter. Up until now, I had never taken a bath with Ros. I know, I’m such an unloving mom. I guess for me, bathing and sleeping are things I just don’t like to do with company.

But lately Ros has been seriously screaming, crying, and frantically trying to escape the bathtub when she sees me get the cup and tell her it’s time to wash her hair. I thought that getting in the tub with her might help ease any fear she has. It may have helped a little, but I think she was mostly confused about why I was in there with her LOL. We still had fun!!

So if anyone has tips on making hair washing an easier experience for both toddler and mama, please let me know!

We also just made the switch from baby soap to real kid shampoo/conditioner! It was time. Her hair is now long enough and just thick enough to get knotted when wet. I had also been using my detangler on her and for some reason it just wasn’t working for her hair, so I was in the market for a good kids detangler/leave-in spray.

When I heard about the #SplashHappy campaign by SoCozy hair, it was like a perfect coincidence. And I don’t really believe in those, so of course I jumped on the opportunity!

This shampoo and conditioner exceeded my expectations because it’s not just any basic kids shampoo/conditioner. These products are formulated and produced by a woman named Cozy out of New York City. For the last 20 years, she has been passionate about kid’s hair care. She opened the first kid’s hair salon in NYC where kids feel welcome and excited, rather than scared and confused. I love the story behind her salon, you can get more information and watch the tour here.

These products are safe and not full of dangerous fragrances, chemicals, or preservatives.  They’re based on quality and integrity, and they’re always non-toxic so that’s a plus. The key ingredients used are: plum seed oil, hydrolyzed keratin, and olive oil.  They also even have products formulated specifically for lice and swimmer’s hair. This brand is no joke!

I especially love the leave-in spray we are using because it is gentle yet effective for her fine and delicate hair. It also leaves her hair feeling soft and untangled as it dries. Do you ever feel like you have to comb your kid’s hair again after its dry?? This will take care of that!

The price for these products is a little higher than your average shampoo/conditioner for kids. However, when considering any hair, skin, or other wellness products you truly get what you pay for. Many of these types of products are full of harsh chemicals and ingredients that are dangerous, especially to little one’s delicate skin. With SoCozy, you don’t need to worry about that. This company takes the guess-work out of finding safe hair products for your kids!

SoCozy takes pride in their products being safe, smart, easy, and cool! Their formulations are honest and clean with high-quality ingredients. I recommend this brand if you’re looking for quality hair products for kids! They’re simple, fun, and multifunctional; your kids will love them, too!

I’m excited to let you know that SoCozy is holding a Family Vacation Sweepstakes!! Anyone who purchases any of their products at Target, CVS, or Walgreens should save their receipt and upload a picture of it to In store purchases only. Sweepstakes ends February 13, 2017!

This post was kindly sponsored by SoCozy!

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