10 Valentine’s Day Dates You Can Include The Children In

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10 Valentine’s Day Dates You Can Include The Children In

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a day of romance. It can be hard for parents to find alone time and at it may be difficult to secure a babysitter. Most parents forego any kind of Valentine’s Day celebration because they just can’t find the alone time. So if you can’t get a babysitter, why not include the kids? Here are 10 Valentine’s Day date ideas that you can bring the children along for…

10: Take a Walk Outside

Load up the crew and go to the beach for a stroll down the shoreline. Find a nature trail in a national park. Or even visit one of your favorite cities (maybe even your own!) and walk around the tourism section. The kids will be entertained, and you’re not only spending time as a family, but as a couple as well.

9: Plan a Picnic

Find your favorite local park, and pack a picnic lunch! Include some yummy treats, like strawberries and chocolates. The kids can spend time running around in the grass, while you can sneak in a bottle of champagne for a little quiet time.

8: Go Rowing

Check out your local waterfront areas, lakes, and rivers, for opportunities to rent a small rowboat. The kids will have fun paddling around, and when they aren’t looking, you can reenact that scene from The Little Mermaid like you always dreamed of!

7: Spend the Night Stargazing

Should the weather be on your side, take the family out for a night of looking at the stars. Bring blankets and pillows, and find a nice, quiet field in the country. Children will love looking at the night sky, and you can cuddle with your honey for a little as everyone relaxes. BONUS: they just might fall asleep, which means you can enjoy some silence!

6: Have Breakfast in Bed

This may take some careful planning, but can be accomplished! Plan a breakfast of heart-shaped pancakes, topped with strawberries and whipped cream. Cover Mom & Dad’s big comfy bed (half the time your kids are in there anyway) with a comforter as a drop cloth. Assemble for fun breakfast! You can also enlist help with cleanup if you bribe them with the strawberries…

5: Visit Botanical Gardens

Most local gardens decorate this time of year. Opt out of cut flowers, and see growing ones instead! The kids will love the different plant life, and you won’t have to struggle to keep a bouquet watered for a week. Make an activity of it, instead of just a gift!

4: Have a Dance Party

Make your own heart-shaped decorations, and deck out the living room! Get dressed up in some fancy duds. Plan playlists with some of the songs from your wedding, and include a few that the kids like, too. You can include father/daughter or mother/son dances, and embarrass the kids by dancing to your wedding songs.  And, once they are in bed, you can always break out the other playlist you planned for some one-on-one time with your spouse.

3: Mini Golf

One might not think of the activity as initially romantic, but it’s a very common first-date sport. You can also involve the kids. They’ll have fun playing through the course, while you can ask your spouse to help you with your swing (hint, hint-free hugs!). It’ll create a new family tradition as well!

2: Plan a Candlelit Dinner

If you’re brave enough to take the gang to a restaurant, go for it! If not, never fear; it’s fairly simple to plan a romantic dinner at home! Have the kids cut little hearts from construction paper to decorate the table. Get those silver candlesticks you received as a wedding gift out. You can even include a sweet dessert! Have some wine for yourself, and pour the kids a glass of sparkling grape juice. They’ll love the atmosphere as much as you will, without the headache of going out.

1: Family Movie Night

It’s sometimes a gamble going to the theater. So why not stay at home? Plan a movie night with some of your favorite romantic films. Have a few movies just for the kids (Lady & The Tramp, Beauty & The Beast) and as they nod off, you can pop in a more adult movie to your liking. Relish in the snuggles!

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