DIY Bear Hug Valentine

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DIY Bear Hug Valentine

Valentines Day is a romantic holiday known to many. We celebrate this holiday with our significant others. As parents we also want to celebrate this holiday with the love between a mother and a child. When it comes to buying gifts for Valentines Day, I’m usually running last minute to pick something up. Now that I am a mother and a wife I want to start gifting personalized mementos for the holidays.

When It comes to Valentine’s Day, I’m usually very indecisive with what to get my toddler. The most common gifts for Valentine’s Day are flowers, chocolate, and jewelry. I’m pretty stern when it comes to his eating habits and I’m not a fan of giving him chocolate. He’s not a big junk food fan and would rather eat fruits and vegetables. Flowers and jewelry are just not in my mindset for a child of this age. When I walked down the aisles at the store I noticed you can pretty much buy a stuffed animal, decorated stationary, and toys that were not age appropriate for a 2-year-old.

That is when I came to the conclusion to personalize a stuffed animal for my toddler. There weren’t many options to choose from, but he loves stuffed animals! I’m excited to show you how to make a Bear Hug Valentine personalized by mom.

First, I purchased a bear at the store. Pricing varies by size, but for this little beauty I paid $2.98. My toddler loves hugs, so I came up with the idea of bear hugs.

I simply cut off the price tag, but left the plastic tag holder in the bear. You will use this to place your new tag. When you create your tag, you pretty much have unlimited options. Go colorful, plain, or printed, it’s up to you! (Bear Hugs Love, Mom is on my tag.)

Once you have your tag completed, make a hole in the top for placement with a hole punch. Then add your tag to the plastic tag holder that is already in place on the bear.

Next, I added space on the bear to place the hug. There is a single thread on the back of the heart that is attached to the bear. Cut this piece of thread, as this will provide the room you need to place your hug. Insert your hug, and you’re finished!

This gift is simple and fun. Your toddler will enjoy their bear while enjoying a drink.

This DIY gift can also be made by your child. You can cut the thread if you don’t feel safe with your child using scissors . They can get creative on the tag. Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Stacy Taylor
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