Being “Just A Mom”

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Being “Just A Mom”

Who I am?  Someone asked this on social media the other day and I really had to think about the answer. They wanted to know who I was besides being a mom.  Most of the ladies suggested they were “just moms” but they were okay with that.  I did fall into that category as well.  But then I started thinking about it.

Emma and Rose, “Who was I before kids?”  Well, I was me. Did I stand out in a crowd? No. Was I living a passionate and fulfilling life? Not especially. I was happy, I enjoyed my life and my time, but even then nothing defined “me.” Sure, I was a reader, and I loved music and concerts (and I still do), but that hasn’t changed. I just don’t get as much time for that now that I have to be a reader to little people, and also a singer of teeth-brushing songs, but my time will come again.

I feel like becoming a mom gave my life more meaning, not less. Now I have these little people who my world revolves around. I’m passionate about them, and for them. I’m experiencing life again, through their eyes. I’m very happy to be “just a mom” right now. Maybe while the girls were babies I did feel a little overwhelmed, overtired, and over being “mom” every minute of the day (and night), but it was worth it. The sleepless nights, the long no-nap days, and the 2 hour bedtimes for toddlers was worth it in the long run.

Now that the girls are both in school, a little time has freed up in my life. I can get back to doing more reading, listening to more music, and pursuing other interests outside of my home and my family. I take a ballet class once a week. I try to fit in some outdoor fitness (I call it taking a walk/jog since I’m not really going for a run,) or gardening. Having the creative outlet of my blog is also great fun, as I’m really enjoying writing in my “spare time” (which I usually have to schedule!) And my husband and I go out once a month – sometimes more – to see a movie and have dinner.

I don’t need anything else to define me right now.  Being “just a mom” works.  And the days when the little people come home and excitedly tell you about the fun things that happened in their day, or ask to read a story, really does define my life right now. I love it.

Seeing the girls learn and grow is the most amazing thing to me. The science of growing from tiny babies into fully functioning walking/talking/learning beings is so neat to me. And the psychology of their development, and how different they are from each other is also quite a wonder. I don’t think I will ever stop being amazed by them, or be tired of being “just a mom.”

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Jessica Foley
Jessica Foley
Jessica is a coffee loving, wine drinking, married mom of two girlies. She blogs about real life and family stuff.
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