This is What Happens When Mom Goes Back to School

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This is What Happens When Mom Goes Back to School


Alright so here’s a little history about me. I graduated high school then received a music scholarship and attended South Carolina State University for 2 years. In the spring of 2010, I found out I was pregnant with my daughter Kymora, who is now 6 years old.

I then moved back home to Lithonia and took some online courses to make it easier on myself. Kymora was born in the fall of 2010, then I got right back into the swing of things in the spring. All I have to say is too soon! Having a newborn while taking a few courses was rough. Like seriously, why didn’t anyone tell me that was an extremely bad idea?

I didn’t fail my courses, just got a dose of postpartum depression which prevented me from doing my best, or much of anything, so I withdrew. I took a little break until I got my stuff together and then went back again in 2013. I was then the mother of 2; Kymora now age 3 and Blake the newbie. I didn’t have the proper support I needed to multitask from mother to employee, to student.

Something had to give, and I bet you can guess which one. Things proceeded to get worse from there, but that’s a whole other blog post (stay tuned guys). I’ve been in denial about my depression diagnoses for quite some time. Learning you have a mental illness is not an easy pill to swallow and it was preventing from finishing something I really wanted.

So, I sought out help and made some lifestyle changes like talk therapy, yoga, and made some new friends. I did therapy for a little and that helped. I love talking to people who make unbiased comments, plus family gets way too emotional. I wanted to sit out until I fully got myself together and able to juggle the demands of motherhood and work. Well, here I am now a full-time single mother of 3, attending Georgia State University, and boy that is work.

Without the emotional support of my family, I don’t think I would be able to do this. Being able to work from home helps a ton too. I never could’ve imaged that one day I would be able to cook dinner, put the kids to bed and type up a discussion for class while being on the clock.

I’m not going to lie, it’s hard as hell. Finding the right times to sit down and outline a few chapters then type up a discussion and post it before the deadline is a tad overwhelming. I usually have to wait until the kids are either down for a nap or gone to bed.

I’ve become accustomed to late nights and coffee. Like seriously, I wouldn’t be able to make it without my Keurig and Starbucks. I know what the reward will be for all my hard work so I’m more than willing to deal.

My advice for any moms or parents in general who want to go back to school is have support and get organized. I’m very visual and more likely to remember things if I write them down, so I bought a planner. I have a separate planner that I use for my everyday life for doctor appointments, kids’ homework due dates, field trips and bill due dates. I wanted this planner to be primarily for school so I wouldn’t miss a thing. I also have huge dry erase calendar on my wall so it can be in my face.  I purchased mine from Marshalls for $8 and my planner from Walmart was $9. You don’t have to purchase the $9 planner I was just being fancy. Wal-Mart has some very nice planners for $4.99. For those who haven’t found your balance yet, just keep pushing. Remember this is the one thing you can truly do just for you!

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Daisha Renee
Daisha Renee
Daisha is a single mom to two boys. She is a lover of yoga and self proclaimed foodie. Since becoming a single mother, Daisha has made it her mission to find practical ways to make her life simpler, and she wants to do the same for other women as well.
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