What I Do NOT Want for Mother’s Day

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What I Do NOT Want for Mother’s Day

I’m not a picky, or high-maintenance person. But when it comes to receiving gifts, especially on the one day of the year meant for me (Mom), I do have a few mild suggestions. Requests, rather, on things I definitely do not want for Mother’s Day.

No Projects
Now, some people find zen in DIY crafts. And occasionally, I do enjoy breaking out some pastel paint, and transforming an old end table into something girly and pretty. But, this also requires careful planning and time. All the while maneuvering around household chores, work, and child-rearing. Unless it’s something you know I really enjoying doing on my own, please don’t give me something I’ll need to spend a weekend transforming. I’d much rather spend the holiday doing anything other than work. because let’s face it-even on Mother’s Day, Mom is spending her time taking care of everything as usual. Don’t add to the pile.

No “Messy” Gifts
Now, if my son were to bring me a glitter-covered card he made at school, I wouldn’t be crushed. That’s because he’s my son. My Husband should not be spending unsupervised time with glue and little shiny pieces of paper. After getting trolled from a great-grandmother with a super loose-glitter Christmas card, we have a no glitter rule in this house. Mother’s Day is no exception. Again, if the kid is giving it to me, I can tolerate the inevitable vacuuming that will follow. Adults aren’t getting off the hook that easy. No messy gifts.

No “Living” Gifts
I’m a Parent. I have enough people to feed and keep alive. Please don’t give me another living being to maintain. Unless I have explicitly said “I want a puppy,” assume I don’t. because that’s another mouth to feed, another poop to clean, another bath to give. This goes for cats, ponies, even fish. Actually, let’s add flowers onto this part of the list too. And the last thing I want to deal with are dead, rotting plants I’ve struggled to sustain, a week after the special day, just for me.
Actually, I’ve noticed a trend here; don’t give me something that just creates more work.

What do I want for Mother’s Day?
Honestly, just give me something I want! Not something I need. I might “need” a new can opener, but I’ll gladly take a bottle of wine and Grey’s Anatomy reruns. Give me something I’d really enjoy. Like a trip to a day spa, sans kids. That mildly expensive bottle of perfume I’d never buy for myself, because I’d spend the money on the kids first.

Or instead of an actual gift-give me time. Time to myself. No cooking, no cleaning, no children. Just time to read a book, take an uninterrupted bath….sleep! Give me the ability to focus on my own self-care, just for a day…instead of everyone else’s.

Mother’s Day is meant to show your appreciation for that special Mom in your life. You don’t have to go uber romantic, expensive, or impractical. Wanna know what your special “Mom” wants? Ask her. It’s better to play safe than sorry.

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Jasmine Hewitt
Jasmine is the mom to an 18-month-old boy and wife to a former member of the USMC. She began blogging in March 2016 as a means of expressing herself while struggling to stay awake during nighttime feedings. Jasmine has expanded into writing posts on parenting, marriage and relationships, women's empowerment, and reviews for the baby products.
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