Non-Candy Valentine’s Day Cards

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Non-Candy Valentine’s Day Cards

I am an avid Target shopper, by avid I should say almost daily! I love the dollar spot which my hubby has renamed the $100 spot.  My fascination with the section has rubbed off on Bailey. When we went the other day she was picking out all sorts of items and instead of just saying “No!” I thought we could use them for some fun non-candy Valentine’s Day cards. I let her pick out her favorites and then I got to work creating these fun and free printables for Non-Candy Valentine’s Day Cards.

Hugs and Kisses to You!
Bailey loves lipstick, so it was no surprise her first selection were these fun kiss me glosses. We create these Hugs and Kisses to You Valentine’s Day cards. Simply attach the lip gloss with washi tape and you are ready to go. You can download this card Hugs and Kisses Valentine here.

You Make My Heart Glow!
Next Bailey picked out a glow bracelet. Each bracelet has a message Be Awesome and You are Cool. To attach the bracelet to the valentine I used a hole punch to place two holes on each side of the bracelet and then I tied the bracelet in place with on a knot of the backside. You can download the You Make My Heart Glow Valentine here.

You Make My Heart Race!
A number of Bailey’s friends love race cars. So we made these. You can download the You Make My Heart Race Valentine here.

Wishing You a Colorful Valentine’s Day
When we got home we were working on a art project and it hit me crayons would be another great non-candy item. You can download our Wishing You a Colorful Valentine’s Day card here.

Do you have a favorite? Comment down below!

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