Easter Baskets for Toddlers with Food Allergies

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Easter Baskets for Toddlers with Food Allergies

Easter is coming!  Another holiday that sets every parent scrambling for candy. What do you do when you have a child with allergies to milk, corn syrup and food dyes? No chocolate bunnies; no marshmallow peeps; no jellybeans! Arrrgh! What’s a parent to do?

Never fear!  A few solutions are here!  See below:

Small Caboodle!™ or tackle boxes.  Caboodle!™ boxes, when opened, display two small trays above a larger base. Tackle boxes have variable-sized compartments to fill.

  • For girls three and up, the small trays are great for Barbie accessories.  The base could contain Barbie clothes.
  • For boys three and up, a tackle box could house Matchbox cars, Hot Wheels, miniature plastic dinosaur, zoo animal or farm animal sets.

Rectangular tissue boxes. This is a good Easter basket option for boys or girls. Cut the top of the tissue box off. You may have to trim more off if you have too much empty space at the top. Stand a wooden puzzle, a tall book or coloring book with crayons in the back of the box. Then fill with any of the following suggestions:

  • A collection of wooden Easter eggs to paint, paintbrushes, paint, a small bag of flat colorful buttons, some pre-measured lengths of ribbon or scrapbook paper and glitter pens.  All supplies for this option can be found at your local Michael’s store.
  • A stuffed Easter animal or two smaller ones.  Animated ones are amusing.  A small bag of Easter accessories to wear (i.e. a tie, a belt, suspenders, hair accessories or jewelry).
  • Toy groceries and accessories for a play kitchen. These usually can be found in Target or WalMart.

Hats. Pick a hat of your child’s liking (i.e. a baseball or football helmet, a fireman’s helmet, a police officer’s hat, a cowboy or cowgirl hat, a top hat, etc.). Some hats can be found at your local party store. Fill the hat with any combination of the items mentioned above or let your imagination go wild!

Make sure you have Easter grass, Easter-printed basket bags or cellophane, bows or curling ribbon and a card from the Easter bunny at home. Now you are on your way to an allergy-free Easter.  Enjoy watching the delight in your child’s eyes when they see the personal touch the “Easter Bunny” gave them. Beats candy any day! Enjoy your allergy-free Easter!

NOTE: These suggestions are tried and true. You see, I have a daughter who had a multitude of food allergies as a toddler. She outgrew most of her food allergies by the time she was six years old. But for that short time, she had a blast with her themed baskets.

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Kelly Ann Guglietti
Kelly Ann Guglietti
Kelly Ann Guglietti is a passionate educator who has worked with elementary school children for several years. Through her experiences and journeys with her students she has recently taken her passion to pen and is the author of three children's books. She would like her books to inspire children to read while learning valuable life lessons along the way.
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