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Seasons of Life


Seasons of life…for some reason I keep hearing this phrase and also find myself giving this advice to friends. But yet this is so true! We are all in a season of our lives and everyone’s season will look different. For instance, your season of life may be starting a new job, finishing your senior year in college, moving to a new city or state, having a newborn, starting a new life being married, or even just finding yourself in a complete rut. Whatever your season is just know that it’s just that, a season…it won’t last forever and it will change just as seasons do.

I found myself really pondering this thought as we did some furniture shopping this weekend. As we sat there, we were faced with the reality of getting either a leather couch (that let’s face it, it’s easier to keep clean with kids) or a fabric sofa (with the reality of possibly having crusted little boogies on it from the kids). I sat there thinking whether I really knew what this phrase meant to myself. I’ll admit I’m no expert in this area, but I do know I’ve learned a lot over the years and through my own experiences with the phrase. I’ve learned to let things go and not to hold onto everything bad or bitter in my life. I’ve learned that what I may really want, may not be a reality for awhile. For example, the fact that I would love for my house to look like a picture from a magazine, (and let’s face it, who wouldn’t!), but that’s just not our season right now. Our season is most definitely that our home is functional and kid friendly. Our sweet little home is more based on my job (having to run a daycare in the living room and main area of the house) and that in this season we are giving up some of our space in order to run my business. We are in the season of life that is based around kids. Everything we do is based on our kids and putting them first and having fun!

As I went through my week I found this “season of life” phrase running through my head. I tried to sit back and observe everything – from the way I found myself thinking about life, the piles of laundry that need to be done, the cleaning that is eagerly awaiting me, and the way the kids play. As a mom, and like all moms, you know that your kids grow up way too fast! Elise was home from school two days this past week and I realized she’s not such a little girl anymore. Even though she’s only 7, she displays a little “grown up” personalty. She’s not always a fan of having a house full of kids around while she’s home and already tends to do the teenager thing of resorting to her room all day. Although there are times where she becomes a child again and plays outside with the others and colors to her heart’s content. Although I’m not ready for her to really grow up, for her this is her “season of life.” I often look at her and remember the sweet little baby girl I brought home. But she’s not so little anymore and although I’ll always hold onto those memories, I have to jump into this season of life with her before this too passes way too fast and changes.

As I continued to ponder this thought all week, I am too, in a new season of life with just being newly married. My sweet little family is in this new season together as we all learn and grow with the season. We may not have all the answers to this season that we are in, but we have to remind ourselves that it won’t last forever, as seasons come and seasons go. We get through them by having high hopes and dreams for the future. We hope to one day have our dream home that really does function well for our family’s needs and that one day I won’t have to work as much so that I can spend more time with the kids. But for now we are content with the way things are as we can’t rush this season. We just have to embrace it and enjoy the season we are in. Enjoy it by making sure we are spending time with the kids and making new traditions with them that they will remember – having fun and laughing at dinner, being silly and not serious all the time, (Brandon is a pro at this, while I’ll admit, I’m still learning), and making time for each other. Making it a point that we have date nights and not just date nights by ourselves but with friends. To make fun days with the kids so that they won’t remember me as the mom who is always telling them to clean up their mess. We need to just sit back and let life happen.

It took me a long time to really understand it, but by the end of the week, I’ll admit, I felt much better. I was able to look back at the week and truly feel comfortable with my new season of life. I’m ready to embark on this new season and just live life with a new perspective. Living my life with a daily reminder that this won’t last forever so I need to embrace it and remember every moment and make the most out of it. Hold onto everything (even if it’s not what I had planned). Because a season is just that, a season. It won’t last forever, as it will change just as seasons do.

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Andrea Jewett
Andrea Jewett
Andrea is the mom of two wonderful kiddos, aged 8 and 4 and she recently married her high school sweetheart. She enjoys crafting, organizing her chaos, spending time with friends, and movie watching. She's excited to grow her blog and help other moms know that they aren't alone in the motherhood world and that they are all in this together!
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