Three Products to Help You Maintain That Magical Baby Scent

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Three Products to Help You Maintain That Magical Baby Scent

How amazing is that baby smell? Those of us currently in possession of smelly elementary school kids longingly remember that squishy, powdery deliciousness as though it were yesterday. Sadly, at my house, that tantalizing eau d’enfant has been replaced by armpit stench and foot odor that emanates from those precious little bodies of mine like a pungent green cloud.

Fear not. If your kids have lost that fresh infant scent, I have some solutions. Even though my third grader might balk at smelling like a newborn, I’ve added a few things to my grocery list I used to buy when my children were younger. Do you smell the end of your womb nugget’s babyhood rapidly approaching? Whether your kids are tall or still relatively small, here are three products that will help you maintain that new baby smell, even if your toddler is drawn to a mud hole like flies to a cowpie.

Dreft Laundry Detergent

Remember that magical time after the first baby shower when you got your first box of Dreft? I used to open the box just to smell it. I washed every stitch of clothes I got for my baby in that magical detergent. I would open the drawers of freshly washed clothes when I was 39 weeks along and just sniff them. I really believe that scent helped put me into labor.

If you were blessed with sensitive skin babies, this stuff was a godsend. Dreft doesn’t irritate; the scent-free version has zero additives. According to my mother, washing baby clothes in anything else was pure sacrilege. I’ve come to agree.

Dreft doesn’t just smell heavenly—it magically returns even the most spit-up covered onesie to its original sparkly white patina. This detergent is also powerful against even the most violent diaper blow-outs.

Dreft can even hold its own against mud-crusted soccer clothes. It’s on my grocery list this week because my first baby looks extremely tall for some reason. Even though she’s in third grade, Dreft-drenched clothes still bring me back to those early weeks—minus the diaper pail, of course.

Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Bath, AKA “The Purple Stuff”

I was at a baby shower recently, and the little first time mama-to-be opened a big ole gift basket of Johnson’s Bedtime Bath Soap and Lotion. All of us veteran moms sighed with a Channing Tatum-like wistfulness.

“The Purple Stuff,” one mother said. The rest of us nodded quietly in agreement.

Now, most mothers will all acknowledge that Johnson’s Magical Purple Formula doesn’t always put tougher babies to sleep like it hints that it can, it will lull a sleep-deprived mother into a gentle coma on the side of the bath tub. This is a true story, so be careful.

In addition to putting me out like a light, Johnson’s Bedtime Bath and Lotion may have saved me from numerous meltdowns. This formula made my insomniac kids smell so delicious that holding their screaming little bodies at 2:00 a.m. was almost pleasurable. There’s nothing like sniffing the downy soft hair of a baby freshly dipped in the purple stuff and slathered up with the matching lotion. It’s like an infantile Bath and Body Works.

Now that my kids are older, it’s still a go-to. Not only does The Purple Stuff smell delicious, it can also clean a filthy five-year-old who rolled in the mud with our beagle. I washed my car once with it, too. It’s that magical.

Odor Eaters Stink Stoppers for Kids and Teens: Odor-Killing Dry Spray

If you have kids who hate socks, this stuff is for you.  My son and daughter both refused to wear socks for the whole first part of this school year because they found socks to be hot, itchy, and annoying. I hate socks, too.

I work at their school. As a teacher, I had too much going on in September to fight the sock battle. By October, I desperately wanted to turn back the clock. When my kids would come in my classroom at the end of the day, a noxious green foot stink cloud would follow them. Something had to be done.

Enter Odor Eaters. My dad looked concerned when I told him I was buying this stuff. He was convinced the stuff would eat my kids’ feet.

Instead, this spray covered the stench with a surprisingly baby powdery, fresh scent. In fact, the whole room where I sprayed the stuff went from smelling like a high school locker room to a nursery. It was a miracle. I didn’t have to burn my kids’ shoes, and I no longer had to fight the sock battle. This product was a win for the Worrell house and brought me back, once again, to their baby years.

So there you have it. These three products will help you ward off the preschooler or tween stench and allow you to hold on to your sweet smelling angels for just a little while longer. What products do you use to maintain that sweet baby aroma?

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Jennifer Worrell
Jennifer Worrell
Jennifer is a wife, stepmom, and biomom to four kids ages 5 to 25. She is a 22 year veteran of the elementary classroom and has unique insights into child development. Jennifer looks forward to sharing tips and strategies with TeeterTot readers to prepare their children for school. She also is excited to write about products that helped her during the trials and triumphs of motherhood!
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