Two Easy Ways Moms Can Make Some Money Today

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Two Easy Ways Moms Can Make Some Money Today

As a mom with two young kids there are times when I need some cash – fast. It takes a little planning ahead, but here are two easy ways you can make money today.

1. Sell Gently Used Kids Clothing and Toys

This is great to do before or after a birthday or Christmas. I know my kids outgrow clothes/shoes/toys so fast and they are still in good shape. Take some time and go through closets and toy baskets to collect items that no longer fit or toys that are no longer played with. I make this a family activity and have the kids help. They don’t necessarily LOVE this, but I have been known to offer a small reward like a Redbox movie or small ice cream cone when the job is done.

A few tips: Wash and dry the clothes and make sure there are no stains or holes. Shine up the toys a bit and find all the pieces. Take the items to a kids consignment store. We have several stores in our city that offer same day pick up. I drop off the stuff and a few hours later they call and offer me cash on site. I love getting cash on the same day! They can be picky, so call ahead and see what season or size items they need most! I take the leftover items to Goodwill on my way home. It feels good to clean out and possibly help those in need, too.  I just did this two times over the holidays and made $82! Not bad, right?

2. Sell Furniture/Odds and Ends on Facebook Groups

I bet if you looked around your house right now you would see some furniture and other household items you do not use. Why keep them around? Sell them and make instant cash. I know that not everyone lives in big cities, but most offer some type of garage sale Facebook groups. These groups can be anything from furniture, garage items, kitchen stuff, and decor. Clean out and list some items. I do porch pick ups and I only accept cash. I get the cash right away and clean out! Right now Christmas/Holiday items are a big seller!

A few tips: Wash or clean off items you want to sell. Take measurements and include them in the description.Take really good photos of them when you list online. A good photo will really sell items so much faster!

There are several other ways you can make money, but I like these two the best because they give me cash fast. I really got into selling old items on Facebook and I would keep my money in an envelope. When I had saved enough I’d hire a cleaning company to come clean my house. That was totally worth it! Now that I have young kids I do the cleaning myself and always use the cash for their needs.

Have you ever tried selling old stuff for cash?

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Shannon Gauger
Shannon Gauger
Shannon is a mommy to two kids, wife, and pre-school teacher. She lives in the Dallas area with her family where she was born and raised. Shannon blogs at Daily Momtivity where she shares parenting tips and kid friendly fun. She loves meeting new moms and hopes to help across the parenthood journey.
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