What does TeeterTot mean?

The name TeeterTot was developed based on the image of a common playground toy, a teeter totter. Just as a teeter totter goes up and down with a fulcrum in the middle, one can visualize this toy representing the weighing of the pros and cons of infant and toddler products.

How are authors selected?

TeeterTot authors are established bloggers who are hand selected to make sure only the best reviews make it to our site. Contributors submit an application to join the TeeterTot family and after careful review, we determine if they are the right fit for the company.

Do I need to have a blog in order to submit an application to TeeterTot?

Yes, at this time we are looking for established bloggers, as product reviews should also be included on your blog so that we can link readers back to your original post. Our goal is to reach parents with helpful product information while also expanding the audience for bloggers who post on TeeterTot!

How can I become a TeeterTot contributor?

You can request to become a TeeterTot contributor by visiting our sign-up page! After receiving your submission, we will review your application and your blog to see if you are the right fit for TeeterTot.

Are TeeterTot contributors compensated?

Yes! We are excited to announce that starting January 1, 2017, we are going to pay our writers! In addition to payment, contributors are recognized at the end of their post with a brief bio and link to their blog and social media accounts. For more information, please see our Write for TeeterTot page.

Will TeeterTot review or edit my submission?

TeeterTot reserves the right to make minor grammatical, spelling, or punctuation changes. No substantive changes will be made to the content; however, if for any reason we feel that your blog post does not meet our standards, we reserve the right to return your submission for editing if the information provided is inadequate. We want your opinions and voice to be heard, so the substance of your review will not be questioned or changed.

What are the TeeterTot standards for product review submissions?

Your product review should aim to include 500-1000 words, as the goal of the TeeterTot site is to provide parents with the most in depth reviews as possible. We realize that some products may be able to have more written about them than others. For example, it’s likely going to be difficult to write a 500 word post on your favorite diaper cream, while it may be hard to limit yourself to 1000 words when writing about your stroller system. Our best recommendation is for you to use your best judgment!

Each review should include only one product. At this time, submissions that include multiple products in one post will not be accepted, as the format is not suited to our site. For instance, if you have written a blog post comparing two products or your “Top 5 Bathtub Toys,” you will need to submit separate posts for each product. With that being said, you will not be required to change your original post on your personal blog, as we will link back to that for readers to see.

Your submission should be well-written, spell-checked, and edited to the best of your ability. Our goal is to have quality reviews!

Please visit the manufacturer’s website so that you are providing readers with accurate, detailed information for the “Overview” section of your TeeterTot submission.

All reviews must include at least one stock photo of the product. Please make sure that your photos are high quality. Our goal is to have a site that stands out above the rest!

Can I submit personal photos of the product I’m reviewing?

Stock photos should be used somewhere in the post, but we also encourage photos of you or your child using the product. Your personal photos should be high quality and should focus on the product without including background clutter.

Photos that contain objectionable or inappropriate content, as determined by TeeterTot in its sole discretion, may be removed.

Is it OK to submit negative reviews?

We want reviews about products you love, as well as those you were really disappointed in. That’s how moms help other moms! Before submitting any review, be sure you have used the product for an adequate time period to give an informed assessment, good or bad, based on how the product performs over time. We also accept updates if your opinion of a product changes.

What types of product reviews are going to be published on the TeeterTot site?

We are looking for submissions that will fit under one of our product review categories: Feeding, Nursery, Play, Bath, On-The-Go, and Health+Safety.

Will TeeterTot only accept infant and toddler product reviews or can I submit a review for a kid product?

At this time we are only looking for reviews that are for products appropriate for infants and toddlers.

Does TeeterTot accept original blog posts for publication that are not product reviews?

Yes! If writing product reviews isn’t your thing, we are also looking for original blog posts in categories that include motherhood, parenting, family, and lifestyle. We really hope that moms who visit our site can find great information that will educate, encourage, and possibly make them laugh, in addition to the thorough product reviews. For more information, please see our Write for TeeterTot page.

TeeterTot reserves the right to decline any content we deem inappropriate, or not in line with the company’s values and visitor needs.

Is it possible to submit a sponsored blog post to TeeterTot that I have completed for a company?

Absolutely! We encourage this as long as it does not go against the terms of the company that you’re working with. If your review is original and only published on your blog it is eligible for compensation from TeeterTot. The way we see it, why not try to get as much as possible for yourself out of a single post?! Please see our Terms and Conditions for further information.

Can I be a guest blogger?

Yes! If you are an established blogger who is interested in being a guest blogger for a single blog please visit teetertot.com/submit. Here you will find all the information we will need for your blog post as well as an area for you to tell us a little bit about yourself. After reviewing your submission, we will let you know if and when your post will be live on the TeeterTot homepage!

I am interested in writing a story about TeeterTot, who should I get in contact with?

Thank you for your interest in TeeterTot! For press related matters, please email us at contact@teetertot.com.

I work for a company that makes products for toddlers and would like to share a free sample with TeeterTot, who should I get in contact with?

For information about samples and sample reviews, please email us at contact@teetertot.com.

How can I advertise on TeeterTot?

For information about advertising on TeeterTot and sponsors posts, please email us at contact@teetertot.com.


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