Medela Pump In-Style Advanced Breast Pump

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Medela Pump In-Style Advanced Breast Pump

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Item Weight

4.2 lbs

Product Dimensions

9-1/4" x 7-3/4" x 7-7/8"

Additional Product Features

• Adjustable speed/vacuum control.
• One-touch let-down button.
• Patented 2-Phase Expression® technology.

Things We Like

• The pump comes with multiple pumping bottles and storage lids.
• The pump is small and wrapped in a nice black carrier, which makes storage and transportation easy.
• Easy to disassemble and clean.
• Includes several pumping speeds, which reenact baby's actual suction.

Things We Don't Like

• The pump is not hands free.
• Milk tends to slip from the pump cup into the plastic tube line, which can be hard to clean.
• Does not have a cord free/battery option for travel.

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Bottom Line

This is a great must-have breast pump for any mama! It is easy to use and clean, especially when this is your first time using a breast pump.

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As a first time mother the idea of breast-feeding was a great unknown for me. I knew that I wanted to breastfeed, but I was unsure of what the concept of breastfeeding and pumping milk was about. Through research online I found that my insurance company covered the purchase of a breast pump. Having zero clue on what to choose as my pump, I began to research Google. I found that Medela was a highly recommended pump, by both mothers and health care providers. The Medela pump that I chose was the Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump.

I have to say I highly recommend this breast pump. The pump itself is small and comes in a black carry pouch with a Velcro lid and a handle for easy transportation and storage. The system also came with several milk bottles and storage lids. The pump has a two phase expression technology feature, which means at first the pump starts out quick and then decreases to a slower speed after a few minutes. This technology is meant to mimic your baby’s actual nursing pattern. Your baby will suck the fore milk quicker in the first few minutes of breastfeeding until the hind milk arrives. When the fore milk arrives baby will slow down and steady their suction. I am able to pump anywhere from 10-15 ounces in one sitting. I know this is different for each mom, but I know that this pump, especially with its two phase technology, has a lot to do with my healthy milk production.

There are some negatives about this pump worth mentioning. Unfortunately, it is not battery powered, which makes pumping on the road nearly impossible. The pump is not hands free, so when I sit down to pump I have to only focus on pumping and am unable to multitask. Also, milk seems to creep from the breast cups into the plastic tubing. The tubing is extremely hard to clean once the milk is stuck within it. However, other than the tubing, the rest of the pump is extremely easy to clean.

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Tiffany Bean
Tiffany Bean
Tiffany is a mom of two children - Olivia who is 2 and James who is 4 months. She recently became a full-time stay-at-home mom after relocating from San Francisco to the country outside of Yosemite California.
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