Munchkin Snack Catcher

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Munchkin Snack Catcher

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Customer Service Ph.

1-800-344-BABY (2229)

Item Weight

1.6 ounces

Product Dimensions

5.0" 4.5" x 3.7"

Maximum Weight Recommendation

Holds 9 oz. of snacks.

Manufacturer Recommended Age

12+ months

Material type

PVC-free, Latex-free, Nitrosamine-free, Phthalate-free, and BPA-free

Dishwasher Safe

Yes - top rack.

Additional Product Features

• Fits most standard cup holders in cars, car seats, and strollers.
• Has two handles designed for even the littlest hands to grasp easily.
• No-slip rubber bottom to keep it in place on the dinner table or in the high chair.

Things We Like

• Good for on-the-go snacking.
• Easy for baby to handle.
• Bright colors.

Things We Don't Like

• The rubberized top can easily be taken off by a curious baby/toddler.
• Your child's hand doesn't smoothly come out after reaching it into the top.

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Bottom Line

I purchased this product in hopes that my 10 month-old (now 1) could easily feed himself snacks while on the go in his stroller or even in his high chair. But, he's curious as most little ones are and easily figured out how to get the top off. I assumed the top screwed on somehow, but instead it pops on and off and very little effort is needed to do this. Once he figured out how to take the top off by biting it a little, game over. There were snacks everywhere we took the cup. I had to improvise by taping it, but that is just an extra hassle and now I regret buying these. Even now at 1, he tries to get the snacks out the right way, but ultimately, the top comes off at some point or he has to put too much effort in pulling his hand out of the top that we still end up with snacks everywhere.

There is a deluxe version with a screw on cap, but in my opinion Munchkin should just stop making this model as it is a complete failure at what it should do.

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Now that my toddler is a 1 year-old, we’re more keen to snacking on-the-go instead of stopping to nurse whenever he gets a little hungry. I used recycled baby food jars and other small containers for awhile, until I realized that this wasn’t doing anything for his independence, and he let that be known. When I’d give him a puff or garbanzo bean, he would toss it until he could grab one by himself. Many times, this resulted in him grabbing handfuls out of whatever receptacle I was using and trying to stuff them all in his mouth at once.

Then, a fateful Babies ‘R’ Us trip changed our lives…or so I thought. I stumbled upon Munchkin’s Snack Catchers, a pack of 2 to be exact, and I threw them into our cart with a quickness.


When I got home, I opened the package and washed them and got them ready for my little guy. He looked at the cup questionably as if I had just handed him one of those impossible peg games you might find at Cracker Barrel. But, then he quickly figured it out. By biting the top, he could easily access everything inside this cup without the hassle of actually sticking his hand in. *Gasp* Baby puffs everywhere!

I continued to use the snack catcher because it was more convenient than me trying to feed my son snacks one by one, but regretted it each time I found myself picking up Cheerios out of the carseat or sweeping freeze dried veggies off the floor yet again.

I hate this cup!

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Tai Hanson
Tai Hanson
Tai is a 27 year-old first time mom living in Los Angeles. Tai and her fiance strive to lead a natural and holistic lifestyle, while raising their son and two dogs. She enjoys sharing her thoughts on products that she loves with others because she believes that sharing is caring.