Nuby 4 Stage Oral Care System Set

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Nuby 4 Stage Oral Care System Set

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4.8 oz

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Assembled Product Dimensions: 3.00" x 3.50" x 8.00"

Manufacturer Recommended Age

Use from ages 0 months to 6 years.

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Additional Product Features

• 1 Massager and 3 Brushes designed for the various stages of oral development.
• BPA-free.

Things We Like

• Complete 4 part toothbrush set for birth through 3+ years of age.
• Fun colored tooth brushes.
• Handy stand for easy storage.
• Perfect for little hands to hold.

Things We Don't Like

• Brushes aren't numbered to make the order obvious, but it is pretty easy to tell which order they go in.

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This is the perfect set to meet all of your baby's teeth brushing needs from birth through age 3. It makes it super easy to get everything you need!

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The type of toothbrush your baby needs varies depending on their age and teething progression. That’s one of the reasons why I like the Nuby 4 Stage Oral Care System Set.

It includes a full set of toothbrushes for birth to 3+ years of age.

One of them is a silicone fingertip brush for newborn gums that slips on the parent’s finger.

Then there are three different brushes for increasing ages and teeth maturity to use as the baby grows.

Everything you need, all in one set – one and done.

My son is 6 months old and has his first two bottom teeth. We’ve been meaning to introduce brushing his teeth into our nightly bedtime routine, but we hadn’t done it yet. We recently received this oral care set and started using it right away.

We LOVE it so far!

Nuby 4 Stage Oral Care System Set Review

He is past the stage of needing the clear silicone fingertip brusher, so we skipped over that one. I felt the bristles of the clear one though, and they are nice and soft. I think it would have worked really well if we had used it when he was a newborn.

We have been using the Step 2 brush so far. The brush handle is small enough to fit in his little hands and he loves to chew on it (with our supervision, of course). We have been letting him chew on it a little bit while he holds and investigates it, and then we help him brush, too. Introducing the motions and starting to form the teeth-brushing habit early is important.

Nuby 4 Stage Oral Care System Set Review

All of the toothbrushes are well made, and the toothbrush stand is handy to keep everything together and in one place. I like knowing we already have everything we need for the first couple of years.

My only suggestion to make this product better would be if the toothbrushes were numbered. It’s pretty clear which order they go in because the #3 brush is bigger than the #2, but I still think it would be handy to have them numbered to remove any confusion.

Other than that, I think this oral care set is awesome and we are thankful to have it as part of our bedtime routine!

Please refer to author’s blog for more information on how to brush your baby’s teeth.

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