Baby Jogger City GO Infant Car Seat

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Baby Jogger City GO Infant Car Seat

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Baby Jogger


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Item Weight

10.2 lbs

Product Dimensions

18.1" x 27.7" x 17.3"

Maximum Weight Recommendation

35 lbs

Manufacturer Recommended Age

Infants from 4-35 lbs and up to 32".

Material type

EPS energy-absorbing foam

Machine Washable


Additional Product Features

• Side impact tested.
• Five point harness.
• Three-position hood with UPF protection 50+
• Compatible with: City Mini ZIP, City Mini 3, City Mini 4, City Mini GT, City Select, City Elite and Summit X3.

Things We Like

• Modern and chic design.
• Easy to use.
• Removable and machine washable cushions, padding, inserts, EVERYTHING!
• Comfortable for baby.
• Easy to use with the base when on-the-go.

Things We Don't Like

• It is a new product, so it does not work in conjunction with many other brands.

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Bottom Line

I recommend this carseat only IF you also have a Baby Jogger stroller that it will attach to to make a travel system.

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We purchased the Baby Jogger City GO infant car seat along with the City Select stroller when we had our daughter 8 months ago. We purchased bases for both my car and my husband’s truck. We did this so that we could easily transfer her from one vehicle to the other. My husband was able to install both of them quite easily. My grandparents and my parents actually purchased bases for themselves as well once they realized how convenient they were to use with the car seat. However, not everyone’s car has a base, so it is great that the car seat can be secured with only a seat belt. This would be convenient if you frequently rode in taxis or car-pooled. The car seat can also be used with the LATCH system.

I was very happy with how easy the car seat was to clean. All of the padding was removed with little effort, and was able to be washed in our washing machine. This was VERY handy when our sweet baby had blowouts (which always seemed to happen in the car on the interstate every time lol).

The car seat easily transfers from the base to our City Select stroller. However, we were not able to find other strollers that were adaptable with this car seat. So, with that being said, I only recommend it if you have a Baby Jogger stroller that it is adaptable with. I highly recommend getting a Baby Jogger stroller and using the City GO car seat. We have been very pleased with the way they work as a travel system.

The customer service is absolutely wonderful! I recently purchased a new car and had to reinstall the base. We had some trouble getting it installed correctly. We were used to our old car, so we were trying to install it the exact same way. We thought the base was faulty. Baby Jogger sent us a new base immediately, and it was free of charge! Eventually we figured out that we needed to adjust the base for our new car, so we actually never even opened the base they sent us. (We need to send that back ASAP!!) We didn’t read the directions, so it was a mistake on our part. But rest assured that with Baby Jogger, they will do their very best to fix any problems that may occur.

After using a few different car seats when with other people I have realized a few features that the City GO has that I love. When Gracie is strapped in her car seat appropriately it is very tight and difficult to unstrap her and take her out of the car seat unless the straps are loosened. With other car seats, you may have to reach around the back of the car seat to tighten and loosen it. This is quite difficult to do when the car seat is in the car or on a stroller. With the City Select, the strap that loosens and tightens is on the front between the baby’s legs. It is so easy to adjust quickly, but it is still out of reach of the baby in the seat. I also noticed how much softer the material in the City GO is compared to other seats. It is much softer around her neck. Other car seats have actually left red marks!

Overall, I recommend the City GO car seat if you have a stroller that it adapts to.

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Haley Jackson
Haley Jackson
Haley is a working mom of a 7 month-old. She has been married less then 2 years and is new to blogging! Haley uses her blog to keep up with her family’s day-to-day life. Nothing fancy, just moments she never wants to forget!
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  • David Richmond
    February 27, 2017 at 5:00 PM

    Having the extra bases are a great way to make the transitions from one car to another smooth and quick.

  • Ashley
    February 27, 2017 at 11:54 PM

    Awesome post, Haley! I’m going to have to keep this in mind when we have our little one, one day in the future!

  • Kim Richmond
    February 28, 2017 at 2:45 AM

    As a first time grandmother, I feel that our sweet baby girl is not only in a very safe, snug fitting car seat but very comfortable also! I am very confident and pleased with the car seat research and decision making my daughter and son in law made.

  • April 21, 2017 at 10:31 AM

    I gave a Baby Jogger City GO Infant Car Seat to my sister and she loves it. It’s pretty useful and at the same time not that expensive. It’s also very durable.

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