Graco SnugRide Click Connect 30 Infant Car Seat Review

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Graco SnugRide Click Connect 30 Infant Car Seat Review

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Item Weight

Weight without base: 7 lbs
Weight with base: 11 lbs

Product Dimensions

Length: 26.75", Width: 17.5", Height: 14"

Maximum Weight Recommendation

30 lbs

Manufacturer Recommended Age

Infants 4-30 lbs

Material type

Latex-free, phthalate-free, lead-free, and BPA-free

Machine Washable

Yes - seat cushion and canopy.

Additional Product Features

• Compatible with most Graco strollers.
• Has a 7 year expiration from the manufactured date.

Things We Like

• 4 pound minimum weight requirement making it a good option for smaller babies.
• Up to 30" in length (head must be 1" below top of seat).
• Smaller and more narrow design to fit in car with other car seats or booster seats if you have more than one child.
• Removable head support and cushion for easy washing.
• Compatible with a lot of Graco strollers.
• Level indicator to help make sure seat is installed properly.
• 7 year expiration date.

Things We Don't Like

• While the weight option starts at 4lbs, you may need to use rolled blankets on outside of harness for additional support on low birth weight preemies. (NEVER put anything between baby, harness and carseat).
• Lots of adjusting straps right out of the box.
• Canopy is designed poorly - doesn't provide enough shade and sometimes gets stuck.
• Harness is a process to clean.
• Readjusting straps often as they came loose more often that I liked.

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Bottom Line

A few flaws, but overall a good, affordable and safe car seat option for a baby 5-30 lbs.

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My son came home from the hospital at 5lbs 11oz and just about 19″ long and the Graco SnugRide Click Connect 30 Infant Car Seat was a good fit for his little frame. According to the manual, the straps are to fit “at or below” the shoulders. This was a little close at first, and my son was not low birth weight. If he was any smaller I would have been a more nervous mama than I already was!

The straps were a bit of a pain to adjust and readjust. Out of the box, you have to readjust to the lowest setting to suit your newborn. I made a remark in the Negatives section of this review that this might not be the seat car seat for smaller low weight preemies or term babies who are on the smaller side. The manual states that the harness must be “at or below shoulder” for safety. For the infants who are low birth weight and not as long, the manual just states that the shoulder straps should be at the lowest setting. This doesn’t work in regards to safety if your baby is smaller and the shoulder straps appear above the shoulder. I would not recommend this car seat if your newborn or infant is under 18”.

I was so nervous about the weight of our car seat after my C-Section, but the Graco SnugRide Click Connect 30 Infant Car Seat is more lightweight than others out there. I was unable to carry the car seat for the first few weeks during recovery, but once I was cleared by my doctor I found the seat to be fairly lightweight, but my legs were in the way while carrying it. I am 5’1” and I would constantly hit my knees on the seat if I was walking with it. I preferred taking the stroller with us for ease just so I didn’t trip up on the carrier. My taller husband had a much easier time carrying the car seat than I did.

I loved the additional comfort of the head rest. My son fit much better in his car seat with this additional piece that came with the car seat. Please note it is NOT recommended and not safe to add anything between the car seat and the baby that did not come with the car seat.

I absolutely hated the canopy that is attached to the car seat. It would either get stuck in the handle or just didn’t provide enough shade for my little guy.

Installing the car seat was easy with our Volkswagen Passat’s LATCH system, but if you lack upper body strength like I do, you may struggle. My husband ended up doing this and switching from cars as needed.  You’ll connect the base to the LATCH system by pushing down on the car seat and removing the slack. The base has an angle indicator which is a wonderful little addition to the base. If the indicator is red, the angle is off and not appropriate for a newborn. The indicator needs to be green for the perfect angle.

The Graco SnugRide Click Connect 30 Infant Car Seat will simply click into the base. You’ll hear the click to know the car seat is secure in the base. You can release the car seat from the base by pulling up on the big red handle on the back and lifting out of the base.

Cleaning the Graco SnugRide Click Connect 30 Infant Car Seat wasn’t too painful, which is important. First, you’ll need to remove the canopy, and then remove the shoulder harness from the back of the seat. Removing the straps is a bit tedious, but you’ll flip the seat over, remove the clips, and pull the harness from the front.  Next, remove the cushion by lifting the side flaps and pulling the straps out of the bottom. The straps will stay with the car seat and you can wipe clean. You can machine wash the cushion! We rarely had any spillage during long car rides, but I think that’s the exception not the rule.

I love the Click Connect system because we have so many options for strollers to go with it thanks to Graco’s forward thinking. We have one stroller with four wheels and I really wanted a jogging stroller. We were able to get the jogging stroller and have the car seat seamlessly transition without buying a new car seat. This is brilliant, in my opinion, on Graco’s part.

Overall, we enjoyed this car seat for our son. I hope Graco will address some of the design flaws, especially the biggest flaw related to fit for low birth weight babies, to help make this car seat an amazing affordable option for all parents.

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