InStep Safari Swivel Wheel Jogger

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InStep Safari Swivel Wheel Jogger

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inStep Safari


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Item Weight

35.7 lbs

Product Dimensions

52” x 22.5” x 42.2”

Maximum Weight Recommendation

50 lbs

Additional Product Features

• Dual trigger folding mechanism offers uncompromised safety.
• 12" front & 16" rear pneumatic air tires and molded rims provide performance.
• Molded, flip open child tray with dual cup holders & molded parent tray with dual fin grip cup holders.
• Manual locking front wheel for easy swivel to fixed setting.
• Car seat adapter allows for use with several car seat brands.

Things We Like

• Stylish
• Affordable
• Spacious
• Easy and efficient to use

Things We Don't Like

• Difficult to access bottom basket

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Overall I would recommend this stroller. It is affordable and easy to use!

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I cannot be the only mom who goes for style and “chicness” when shopping for baby and kids’ products. I may be slightly ridiculous, but still, I know I’m not the only one! Since I have a little girl, I have always wanted everything to be as pink and girly as possible. If we have a boy someday, well we’ll be buying a lot of new baby stuff I suppose.  So with that being said, when I decided I needed a jogger, my mission was to find one that wasn’t $200 or more, but was cute, girly and good quality. I searched in a few different places, and finally found the InStep Safari Swivel Wheel Jogger in the color wine on Amazon.

I loved the burgundy colored fabric with the grey mechanical body. As far as looks go, this stroller passed the test for me. It also comes in several other colors and patterns on the InStep website and Amazon.

There is a removable front tray with a cup holder for your little one. If your child is anything like mine, they must have snacks and something to drink every time you go for a walk. There’s also dual cup holders at the top, as well as a flip-open compartment for keys, cellphones, etc.

The bottom basket is pretty good-sized for storage. The down side to this is that there is a bar right above the basket which makes it hard to put large items down in there such as a blanket or a diaper bag. I’ve learned to just squish things under the bar and I’m able to look past that!

This stroller features a 12″ front wheel that locks so you can change from swivel to fixed. The back wheels are 16″ and lock to hold the stroller in place. There are light reflectors on the wheels and sides of the stroller as well.

The stroller also features a floating canopy so you can adjust it to where you want it. This is great for blocking the wind and sun from your little one’s face. The canopy also has a plastic “window” on the top as you can see in the photo above. The back of the seat is adjustable to your child’s liking. They can lay all the way back or sit straight up with just a quick adjustment of the back strap. The buckles for strapping your child in are super easy, quick, and hassle free to use. This is such a relief compared to the car seat, which seems like it has 6 different buttons and buckles making it feel like a chore to get her all strapped in. That can be such a hassle, especially in the winter. But I know, safety first always!

The stroller folds by pressing the red buttons located a few inches down from the handle bar on each side. There is also a red hook which locks the stroller in place when expanding it for use. The stroller collapses down completely and is efficient and convenient to store and travel with!

The price for this jogger is around $160 for this model and color. This particular stroller is a very basic model but still very functional. The InStep website sells similar models with MP3 speakers and all the other bells and whistles at a higher price point. But if you’re in need of an affordable and functional jogger and don’t need or care for all the fancy features, this is a great option. I’ve had mine for nearly two years and haven’t had any problems with it thus far! I would definitely recommend this jogger!

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Amy Dummermuth
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