Nuby Teething Blankie

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Nuby Teething Blankie

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Item Weight

2.4 oz

Product Dimensions

6" x 5.8" x 1.4"

Material type


Machine Washable


Additional Product Features

• Has multiple teething surfaces on each corner.

Things We Like

• Small and portable.
• Bright colors make it fun to look at.
• Cute animal head squeaks.
• Plastic parts have teething nubs to soothe baby gums.

Things We Don't Like

• Hand or surface washable only.

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Bottom Line

This is a small, portable, useful teething toy that doubles as an all around toy and maybe even a blankie or lovey for a baby.

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This is a combination toy – for teething and just for fun.

It’s small, brightly colored and has a cute lion’s head or other animal on one side. There’s a squeaker inside the animal head and one corner of the blanket crinkles when it moves.

Nuby Teething Blankie Review

It also has four hard plastic parts on the sides with designated bumpy teething surfaces, and colorful ribbons for babies to play with.

My son loves chewing on the hard plastic parts, and they make it super easy to hold on to the blanket because they act as handles. He also likes to move the ribbons back and forth. He hasn’t figured out how to intentionally squeak the animal head, but that’s probably coming.

Nuby Teething Blankie Review

I love how small the blanket is. It makes it a great toy to throw into the diaper bag or into the carseat for him to play with when we are out and about.

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