Fisher-Price Princess Mommy Stroll-Along Musical Walker

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Fisher-Price Princess Mommy Stroll-Along Musical Walker

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Item Weight

4.2 lbs

Product Dimensions

19" x 5.5" x 16"

Manufacturer Recommended Age

9-36 months

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Batteries Required


Additional Product Features

• Sturdy pretend stroller steadies baby’s first steps.
• Music and lights activate as baby walks.
• Stroller has room for Princess Chime doll and a hook for Care & Carry Tote.

Things We Like

• Useful for multiple development stages.
• Works both fine and gross motor skills.
• Great price point.
• Functions as a toy, while also being a necessary development tool.

Things We Don't Like

• None!

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Would definitely recommend for moms with little girls!

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I love this Princess Mommy Stroll-Along Musical Walker for my little girl. It is one of those toys that she can “grow into” and it is useful for more than one stage of her development! This walker is great for any little girl age 9 months and up. The site says 9-36 months, but she might even play with it longer than that.

We got this when our daughter was around 9 months old. She was already standing up while holding onto something. We noticed that she was starting to try and push things around, which meant she was learning to WALK! I remember seeing her do this and telling Alex we needed to run to Target. I wanted to get her something she could use to help her start walking! So we went that night and this is what we found.

I didn’t even realize it would be something she would play with after she was a pro walker. But now she is almost TWO and I think she loves it more now than she did back then! She loves to put her baby dolls and stuffed animals in it and walk them around. So now we don’t need to get her a stroller for her baby dolls because she already has this – it’s a win-win!

When she’s not walking, there are fun little knick-knacks she can play with located on the front. The clacker beads and butterfly flip book will help your little one with her fine motor skills. It also plays fun sounds and music at the touch of the “magic wand” button. This is at the top for easy reach. The music and lights also activate just by pushing the stroller, which I think is an awesome feature. This keeps your little one amused and entertained – there’s no need to keep pushing the button! The stroller also has a wide base and easy grip handle for beginner walkers. This will ensure steady support, so your baby will feel secure as she learns to walk on her own.

Your little one will love this stroller, especially as she gets older and begins to learn the idea of nurturing and role playing as a little mommy. The back of the stroller features a special hook for a Care and Carry Tote, also sold by Fisher-Price.  We do not have this item but that would definitely make a great Christmas present! Fisher-Price also sells a special Princess Chime doll that fits right in this stroller!

I love that this toy has many features, allowing little ones to work on fine and gross motor skills.  As stated, this product is great through several growth and developmental stages of your child’s life. This allows you to get the most bang for your buck! It functions as a fun toy, but is also a necessary tool for a little one’s development.

The stroller costs $30.00 at Target. You can also find it on Amazon, but the price is a bit higher. I think this is a great price-point for a toy that is so versatile and for one that she will use for months and months!

Overall, I think this is a great gift for a little princess! You can use this indoors or while strolling down the sidewalk. How fun would it be to take your little girl on a walk and let her push her favorite baby doll along?

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Amy Dummermuth
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