Summer Infant Island Giggles Deluxe Super Seat

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Summer Infant Island Giggles Deluxe Super Seat

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Summer Infant


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Item Weight

6.3 lbs

Product Dimensions

17.0" x 16.8" x 9.0"

Maximum Weight Recommendation

up to 33 lbs

Material type

Plastic + Foam

Batteries Required


Things We Like

• Foam cushioned seat
• Three point safety harness
• Three-stage use
• Versatile design

Things We Don't Like

• Price point, but considering it includes more than just the seat, and can be used all the way into your child's toddler years, I think it is definitely worth it.

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Bottom Line

Great product, definitely worth purchasing!

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I am so excited to review this bumbo seat as I was super happy with it, my daughter loves it, and it is MORE than just a typical bumbo seat. We bought this seat before our daughter was born, she is now almost two years old and still using it! This is a 3-stage seat, meaning it can be used during three stages of your little one’s development.

The first stage is the basic bumbo seat stage to support your little one when learning to sit on their own. We started using it when our daughter was 3 months old and able to hold her head up. At this age they start to become very interested in whats going on around them so it is perfect because they’re not only working on their skills but they’re also able to observe their environment from a new angle!

The second stage includes the rotating activity tray and toy bar, which are detachable. This is great for babies who can already sit on their own but need something to keep them occupied. You don’t have to worry about them dropping their toy every 30 seconds because they are attached right to the seat! Not to mention there are six different toys on the tray and toy bar, so your child is sure to stay occupied for a while. Not only will these toys keep your child occupied and entertained, they allow your child to practice their fine motor skills. This is great for babies from about 3 months old until they become too cool for those silly baby toys. But no worries, your little one will still use this seat well into their early toddler years!

The third stage includes a strap to secure the seat to a chair. There is also a detachable foam cushion which can be removed at this point, if necessary. This stage is used as a booster seat for a toddler who is ready to begin eating at the “big table” as we call it in our house. Our daughter loves to eat at the big table. Frankly it is a little sad for mama to see her sit in her seat and eat from the table and not her high chair, but still totally cute nonetheless! Of course this doesn’t have to be used at the dinner table, this can be used any time you want to strap your toddler to a chair without worry that they will fall off or escape!

This seat runs for $49.99 at Toys”R”Us, where we purchased ours. This price point is a bit higher for a bumbo seat, but considering it includes more than just the seat, and can be used all the way into your child’s toddler years, I think it is definitely worth it.  It also comes in two different color schemes. One is very pink and girly and the other is gender neutral with purple and blue!

Overall this is a great product and definitely worth adding to your registry or purchasing yourself. Either way you will get plenty of use out of it and definitely wont regret it!

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Amy Dummermuth
Amy Dummermuth
Amy is a small town, Midwest residing mama to the beautiful Rosalynn Faye, girlfriend and baby mama to Alex, and puppy mama to Mia. She loves all things from beauty, fashion, baking, exercise, healthy meals, DIY/crafting, and so much more!
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