SwimWays Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy

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SwimWays Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy

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Customer Service Ph.

1-800-889-SWIM (7946)

Item Weight

1.7 pounds

Product Dimensions

12.5" x 12.5" x 12.5"

Maximum Weight Recommendation

35 lbs

Manufacturer Recommended Age

9-24 months

Material type

Synthetic fabric + soft mesh

Additional Product Features

• Comes with a carrying tote.
• Mesh play area is great for toys or just splashing.
• Air chambers utilize Jet Valve technology.

Things We Like

• Comes with a removable and adjustable canopy.
• Quickly folds up and comes with a carrying tote.
• Very portable and easy to store in luggage for travel.
• Fabric is bright and fun.
• Mesh seat is comfortable and durable.

Things We Don't Like

• This float is not considered a floatation device, so some pools and lakes do not allow it in designated swimming areas.
• Once babies become bigger and stronger they may be able to push themselves up onto the mesh play area, or even completely out of the float.

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Bottom Line

This is a must-have for summer fun with your little one!

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My son was introduced to swimming when he was 6 months old and even though he was pretty good at back floating I wanted to find something that he could sit up in while in the pool. Hands down this is my favorite pool toy for little ones who are just starting out in the pool! Funny thing is that he thought this was the best pool toy too! The SwimWays Baby Spring Float is designed for use for kids from 9 to 24 months. My little guy was a bit younger than 9 months when he first used this float and he did just fine.

This swim float and canopy can quickly fold up and comes in a handy carrying tote. A little practice is required to deflate and store, but once you get it down it’s pretty simple. It does not take up much room at all when packed in a duffle or suitcase. I have taken this to Palm Springs, Hawaii, and Florida and it has made pool time an absolute blast! The float comes with a removable and adjustable canopy that is great for providing shade while in the water on a sunny day.


SwimWays really thought about safety when designing this product because the canopy has mesh on the sides so that your baby is visible at every moment. The seat is made of soft mesh that is comfortable, yet durable, for your little one. Speaking of safety, there are two separate inflatable air chambers that are covered in brightly colored fabric. These air chambers utilize Jet Valve technology, which makes them fairly easy to inflate and deflate. There is a mesh play area located between the air chambers, which is great for toys or just splashing. After use, the float dries rather fast, especially when outside in warm temperatures.

One of the only downsides I can think of is that some community pools and lake areas do not allow use of this toy in designated swimming areas because it is not considered a floatation device. Apparently it is a liability issue because lifeguards are worried that a parent may place their baby in this float and walk away. I’m not quite sure why anyone would do that, but that’s what I’ve been told. Just make sure that the swimming area you’ll be visiting allows this toy. I have used this in many private resort pools and have not had any problems. One other thing worth mentioning is that once my son was big enough he could push himself up onto the mesh play area, and while close, he never pushed himself all the way out. I’m guessing that some kids have been able to push themselves completely out of the float, though this was not our experience.

My daughter will be big enough to try this out by the end of the summer and since she is a fan of her bath I think she’ll love it! This is a must-have for summer fun with your little one!

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